The Reebok R58 Series

For this year’s ComplexCon, Reebok will be unveiling their brand new R58 Series, which takes its name from the year the brand was founded.

From its old school Classic logo, to the Vector which overwhelmed the ’90s, and its latest manifestation as a Delta triangle, images have had a major impact in Reebok’s history. Interestingly, the brand is set to consolidate each of the three on another range named the R58 Series.

Named after the year the brand was established, the accumulation pays regard to organizers Joe and Jeff Foster, who split far from their parent’s shoe producing organization in 1958 to begin their very own business. Reebok says this disobedient state of mind is the thing that enlivened the R58 Series, which incorporates patched up goes up against models like the Aztrek.

Comprised of the Aztrek R58 (imagined in forefront), Sole Fury Floatride R58, and Futsal Fusion R58, the tennis shoes in this range will be the sole shoes to include the tri-logo mix.

The Reebok R58 Series debuts at ComplexCon in Long Beach, California this end of the week from Nov. 3-4.

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